July 9, 2013
Uni-Colored or Multi- Colored Cushions: Which One Attracts You the Most?

Cushions play an extremely important role in enhancing the overall look and appearance of your home interiors. These home decoration items offer reasonable ways of embellishing the bedrooms and living rooms in a manner you want. These days, the throw pillows are made available in sheer varieties in terms of size, shape, color and most importantly, design. Now, if you are planning to adorn your bedroom and render it with a brand new look, consider the inclusion of some exotic cushions.

The availability of the throw pillows in too many variations will make you spoilt for a choice. In order to make a careful selection, you must first consider the color of the items. Cushions can either be uni- colored or multi- colored. Both the varieties come in designs that are enticing enough to make you invest on them. However, whether you should go for the ones in a single color or those with patches of several colors should depend upon their suitability to your bedroom decor. Here is what you should keep in mind in this regard.

Merge Uni-Colored Cushions with Gaudy Bedspreads

If the bedspread incorporates bright colors and heavy embroidery works, it is best to go for the single colors like white, pink or light blue when it comes to the cushions. This will pave the way for a perfect contrast and work wonders in giving a much desired look to your bedroom. Going by the same principle, you can pick up the multi-colored pillows if the bed sheet that you are using is considerably lighter and with lesser designs.

Consider the Interior Décor of Your Bedroom

Home interior decorations come in various patterns though they can broadly be divided into two types: classical style and contemporary style. Now, a classically designed bedroom will essentially have heavy furniture with traditional designs on them too. It is good to get hold of some uni- colored cushions preferably made of silk to add to the classic style. The traditionally decked up bedrooms usually have a single color on the walls, which is why, a multi- colored pillow would turn out to be a mismatch.

The multi- colored, cotton- made throw pillows with functional designs are best suited for the contemporarily designed bedrooms. The modern decors call for different colored paints on the different walls, funky but functional and often colored furniture apart from several other features. The throw pillows incorporating various colors, stripes, polkas and block prints go perfectly well with such an interior.

Preserve a Collection of Both Varieties

These above- mentioned factors are meant to highlight the benefits of the different varieties of cushions with respect to the design of the bedrooms in which they are going to be placed. However, throw pillows and their covers are not much expensive and therefore, you can always consider getting a collection of the same. With a good collection of these home decor items, you have the option of altering the entire decor of your bedroom as and when you want. http://dlvr.it/3dJ4Vw

May 30, 2013
Bring Colors and Culture of Rajasthan to your Home

Do you love to decorate your house with designer decorative every now and then? Well, if so, then you must consider relying upon Rajasthan décor items, as they never fail to add a touch of gleam or color to the interiors of your house. From wall hangings, cushion covers, bedspreads, to patchwork cushions, you will surely find a product of your interest for offering the desired look to your house. What makes these décor items more appealing is their acceptance in the global market. Today, you can easily find traditional Indian home décor items sitting in any corner of the world.  
Why Choose Rajasthani Home Decor Items?
Traditional Rajasthani home decor items have received much attention and recognition in the global market of late. The reason for such a global recognition can mostly be owed to the elegant look and comforting factor of these decorative. 
_Let’s have a quick look at some of the reasons that favor the popularity of the traditional designer home decor items – _

* The home decor items never fail to enliven the look of your interiors.
* The interior decorative can be used both regularly and for rare occasions.
* These decor items can offer both a subtle and bright look at ease.
* You can find them in both cotton and silk materials and use accordingly to your interest.
* These home decor items available in cotton are machine washable and are easy to handle.

Rajasthani Handcrafted Bags as Fashion Accessory
Additionally, if you wish to beautify your look with nicely chosen accessories, the Rajasthani handcrafted shoulder bags serves the purpose just right. Moreover, the rise of these designer shoulder bags in the global fashion podium has enhanced its appeal as an accessory. Be it for a casual look or elegant ethnic attire, the Rajasthani handcrafted bags suits all occasions at ease. From adding a touch of spunk to your casual look to enhancing your ethnic look, these handcrafted bags serve a wide purpose at ease. You can never go wrong in making a fashion statement with these Rajasthani shoulder bags.
A Look at the Range of Rajasthani Handcrafted Items
Well, be it for decorating the interiors of your home or offering a new look to your personality, you are sure to come across a wide range of Rajasthani handcrafted items that are available in the global market. _ _
_Here is a quick look at the things that you can buy as decor items or fashion accessory _

* Cushion Covers: A beautiful home decor item, nicely chosen cushion covers can make a big difference to the look and feel of your interiors. All that you need to keep in mind is to buy the covers in accordance with the usability purpose and complement the overall look of your room. In the choices of Rajasthani handcrafted cushion covers, you will find a range of design and color both in cotton and silk material suiting different tastes and budget. So, choose from the range carefully and add a stunning look to your interiors.

* Patchwork Cushions: These come up to be a great addition in any home décor item. A patchwork cushion will never fail to brighten up your interiors offering a complete fresh and new look to your house. You can use these cushions both regularly or keep them aside for special occasions. You can find these in different budgets and therefore, if you consider redoing the look of your house, Rajasthani cushions stand as an obvious choice.

* Bedspreads: Nicely chosen bedspreads can offer a complete turnaround to the look of your house. These handcrafted home décor items are available in a wide variety of choice, which includes heavy embroidery work, mirror work, patchwork, etc. All you need to do is choose the one suiting your interest and usability purpose at best. What makes it more appealing is the fact that each bedspread comes in unique and exclusive design. These are available both in cotton and silk materials allowing you to buy in accordance with your interest.

* Wall Hangings: Are you bored with the dull look of the walls in your house? Well, if so then, you can always consider adding a touch of artistic work to your walls with the Rajasthani designed wall hangings available in the global market. These wall hangings will not only add a colorful look to your wall, but also offer a vibrant touch at ease.
* Shoulder Bags: These handcrafted Rajasthani items have carved a name in the global world of fashion. You can consider styling your look anytime with wonderfully designed shoulder bags. So, what is keeping you waiting? Buy these ethnic looking Indian shoulder bags and stay high on fashion always.

Well, if you are residing in UK and would like to buy any of the above-mentioned Rajasthani handcrafted items, then you will be delighted to know that the products ensure a free delivery all over UK. http://dlvr.it/3RdTXl

May 25, 2013
Embroidered Indian Bag – A Must-Have Fashion Accessory

There is no denying the fact that beautifully designed Indian embroidered handbag can enhance your look or attire without much hassle. From offering an ethnic look to your otherwise casual attire to complementing your Indian look at best, handbags that come in a wide variant of color, artwork, or embroidery can do it all for you. Rightly chosen accessories can do wonders for a particular appearance or attire. It can offer a complete turnaround to a boring or dull look anytime and anywhere. These handbags are quite a fashion statement and are sure to never go out of style or trend.   Why Choose Handbags featuring Intricate Designs?
The reason as to why one should choose heavily embroidered handbags featuring wonderful designs is certainly not restricted to one, but many. 
_A quick look at some top reasons that favor the choice of these bags among women of all age_

* First and foremost, these wonderfully designed handbags can help you stay in fashion or offer an elite look to your appearance anytime without much effort.
* Secondly, you can pair up these bags with any dress of your choice. These wonderfully complement both Indian and western attire and looks equally good with jeans, skirts, saris, or kurta.
* Thirdly, a traditionally designed handbag can do up your look beautifully. You can consider using the bag for daily use or carry them on special occasions.
* Fourthly, these traditional designer bags are quite easy to handle and offers a great comfort factor.
* Lastly, these bags are mostly made of cotton fabric, which makes them suitable for easy wash on machine.
* The traditionally designed Indian handbags also enhances the feminine style and grace of a woman without offering an overboard look to your attire.

Enhance your Look with Indian Embroidered Handbags

Indian embroidered handbag has attained a great fashion status, over the past few years. These traditional bags have been around in the market for quite some time and are not really considered an innovation of a kind. However, it has just been few years that these traditionally designed Indian bags have appeared on fashion podiums across the globe. These handbags have become quite a fashion trend for its unique characteristics like lightweight, useful, and handy.
You can choose to turn playful accessorizing your look with these bags or put up an elegant look for an evening party at ease. An accessory must always be comfortable and the traditionally designed Indian bags that can be easily slung over the shoulder have evolved as a great fashion accessory for this particular reason. Additionally, these ladies handbags are available in diverse designs and a wide range of color catering to the different taste of fashion conscious women of the generation. Such unique characteristics have come together to make these traditionally designed handbags a must-have for each and every women willing to experiment a bit with her look or attire.

Buying the Right Kind of Embroidered Bags 

Now, staying high on fashion with these fashionable accessories might seem an easy task. However, even a small mistake committed while, buying the bags can turn down your look completely. If you are considering buying embroidered handbags, you must keep in mind few considerations for making a style statement at its best

* Determine the purpose of use prior to buying the bag.
* Avoid buying over-sized bags that don’t feel comfortable.
* Always remember to correlate the bag with your lifestyle.

So, when the world is looking up to these embroidered bags as great fashion statements, why stay behind in the league? Turn into a style icon today and add a touch of gleam and color to your attire without much effort. http://dlvr.it/3QW0Cf

May 14, 2013
Embellish Your Bed with Excellent Indian Bedspreads

Are you planning to decorate your home and render it with a brand new look altogether? Well, if it is so, then you should start with your bedroom as that forms an essential part of your home. A well- decorated bedroom with every other item organized desirably in it is not only good to look at but it also gives you a sense of pleasure and belonging. Considering the fact that the bed occupies a significant part of your bedroom, you should make it a point enhancing its appeal and the Indian bedspreads can help you do so. The bedspreads are made available in sheer varieties in terms of texture, color, design and so on. However, there are certain factors that you must take into consideration in order to make a good choice of the bedspread.

The Overall Look of the Bedroom

Bedspreads are home décor items that must compliment the overall look of your bedroom. Take a look at the color of the walls and try to go for bedspreads, the color of which comes in contrast with the walls. For instance, light colored walls should be complimented with bright bed sheets and vice versa. Color plays an important role in determining as to how bright and spacious your bedroom will tend to appear.

The Design of the Bed

The Indian bedspreads are found in varying designs that include embroidered silk, stitched patterns, mirror work and so on. While it is always a welcome idea to get each of these in your collection, the usage of the bed sheets should be in accordance with the kind of bed on which it is going to be placed. For instance, if the furniture is a heavy and ornamental one, you can definitely go for the gaudy bedspreads. On the other hand, the light colored ones with fine needle work on them are good for the beds with minimal decorations.

The Purpose and Frequency of Use

The purpose of your use of the bedspreads counts a lot. If you are considering buying one for daily use, it is better not to go for the silk made ones as that are difficult to be washed and dried. However, if it is an occasion like birthday or anniversary that you are celebrating right at your place, use the really stunning ones and be rest assured of earning a lot of appreciation from your guests.

Getting the right kind of Indian bedspreads is not just enough. You need to place the embroidered pillows as well to contribute to a completely stunning look to your bedroom. Both the bed sheets and the cushions are made available from recognized companies, dealing in the Indian home decor items. http://dlvr.it/3MqNyd

April 2, 2013
Choose Indian Embroidered Handbags for All Occasions

Ladies handbags have always been among the many accessories that have made women look complete and beautiful. As such, they are not restricted to their function of carrying things only but also emerge as being style statements. These days, you have the option of going for the Indian embroidered handbags that are available in sheer varieties, in terms of material, design, looks, overall appearance and so on. While you can certainly make a collection of these elegant bags for yourself, it is best to buy them keeping in mind certain factors.

To begin with, consider the occasion for which you want the item. If it is an evening party or a wedding function, make sure going for the gaudy ones that incorporate patchwork, mirror work and so on. They are available in a broad range of both dark and light shades, making it feasible for you to choose according to the color of the sari or dress that you intend to wear. The ones with shoulder straps are easy to carry though the clutches allow you pose a very smart appearance.

If you are looking for an Indian embroidered handbag for regular use, there is no reason for your disappointment as, the reputed stores put up excellent shoulder bags. These, also known as the rucksacks or backpacks, are ideal for women who are necessitated to carry a lot of things in the bag. College goers are inclined towards using this particular variety of bags that enable them look smart and trendy.

Once you have chosen a good supplier of the items, you will get the chance to take a glance at the detailed and intricate handwork of the traditional Indian craftsmen. Irrespective of whether you are going for patchwork, embroidery, bindi jhola or any other, the brilliance of the work is perfectly noticeable. The varieties can indeed make you spoilt for a choice. The best part of an Indian embroidered handbag is that it strikes at a remarkable blend of elegance and sophistication. In fact, the handbags or shoulder bags go well with all types of dresses.

However, it is essential to choose a recognized supplier of these items in order to enjoy variety. The reputed stores deal in cushions, cushion covers, wall hangings, table covers and many more that are equally enticing. Search over the internet to come across suppliers who promise to offer you with the real taste of Indian embroidery.


February 19, 2013
Indian Cushions: Choosing from a Wide Variety of Designs

Indian artwork is known for its intricacy and excellence all over the World. Indian states like Rajasthan are famous for the craftsmanship of the people practicing this art. Consequently, the decorative items that they make are also in huge demand worldwide. Indian cushions certainly come under the category of these items. These are made available in a wide variety of design, materials and colors. While the sheer range of designs that you can come across with a recognized store will actually make you spoilt for a choice, there are certain factors that need to be considered in making a right selection.


To begin with, choose the material of the cushions carefully. Your choice of material will largely determine the usability of the pillow. If you are planning to use the cushions on special occasions only, you can go for those made up of silk, velvet, chenille, jute, Taffeta, polyester and leather. However, if the pillow is to be used on a regular basis and that too in your bedroom or on the couch in the living room, it is best to go for the cotton made ones. These are easily washable, comfortable to use and at the same time, elegant in appearance.


If you are ready to spend a little more on these home decoration items, consider getting the patchwork cushions. The elegant and extremely eye- catchy zari, tukda or mirror work on the  cushions promises to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room to great heights. If there is a special occasion and you have invited few guests to come over to your place, use these cushions to allow your simple rooms pose a grand and majestic appearance.

Locating a Good Provider

What is more important than anything else is finding a good store offering these items. Recognized and reputed providers showcase items that are authentic in the sense that they are actually stitched and designed by craftsmen of the rural India. If you are able to strike at a reasonable deal, you can actually prefer spending on quite a few of them to be able to use them on different occasions. http://dlvr.it/2yvgBR

January 29, 2013
Are You Ready to Embellish Your Interiors with Enticing Cushions?

Cushions and cushion covers are the most cost- effective yet remarkable home décor items. Consequently, they are now made available in a variety of colours and incorporate different kinds of patterns and patchwork. So, get all set to choose among the following:

* Bright Red

* Floral Pattern

* Silver White

* Magical Black

* Beautiful Pink

* Patchwork

* Embroidered

Source: Uploaded by user via Essentially Indian on Pinterest http://dlvr.it/2sTr65

January 16, 2013
Look Perfect for Any Occasion with an Indian Embroidered Handbag

The world of fashion is indeed an ever- evolving one. Ladies handbags and shoulder bags have always been considered major fashion accessories, preferred by women of all ages. These days, if you want to look beautiful and trendy, it is not just the dress you wear that matters but also the accessories that you use that adds to the beauty of your overall appearance. An Indian embroidered handbag can be classy, sophisticated and elegant at the same time. Indian embroidery is appreciated all over the World for the brilliant designs and artwork that they represent. The bags are embroidered with maximum emphasis on delicacy and detailing and this explains why the handbags are so coveted by all.

The embroidered handbags can be found made with different kinds of materials that include beads, pearls, metal strips, sequins, quills and so on. The stitching and knitting jobs are performed manually by the Indian craftsmen who uphold the rich tradition of Indian states like Rajasthan through their artwork. There is a sheer variety in embroidery styles as well and some of the prominent ones among them are Chinese embroidery, Crewel, cross- stitch and phulkari along with many others. Thus, you have the option of going for a bag with cotton patches stitched together, or one that is too ornamental with beads and mirrors placed on it.

These excellent fashion accessories will entice you to grab not one but many of them. In fact, handbags are designed differently for different occasions. You can carry them with casual western dresses as well as ethnic Indian wear. Choosing an Indian embroidered handbag is like choosing the right jewelries that compliment the dress you are wearing. When you are going for a corporate gathering, make sure that the handbag goes well with your formal outfit. A gaudy yet stylish handbag can work wonders in complimenting the simplicity of your dress. It can allow you to stand out in the crowd.


November 29, 2012
Add Style to Your Interior Decor with Embroidered Cushion Covers

The decor of home furnishings can be taken to the next level with embroidered cushion covers. Floral patterns with fancy thread work serve as a visual feast. Large stitches, raised lines and cross stitching will also be a treat to the eyes. Kashmiri embroidery is widely used in contemporary homes to add elegance to interior decor. Fine works of gold and silver threads on cushions would also add a royal look and feel to a luxurious couch.

Check out some beautiful embroidery work on cushion covers

Handmade Indian Cushions and Covers by essentiallyindian-uk on polyvore.com
You would love to explore more beautiful Embroidered Cushions and Covers collection at the following links:

Handmade Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration Ideas and Tips http://dlvr.it/2YRvYZ

June 20, 2012

Indian patchwork cushions by Essentially Indian (by Essentiallyindian).

Essentially Indian present their 2012 collection of handmade Indian Patchwork cushions and cushion covers, available exclusively at www.essentiallyindian.com.

Our unique range of patchwork cushions and cushion covers from India are completely handmade and absolutely stunning. Available in a range of colours and designs, we offer unmatched choice and quality. The patchwork in these cushions is very high quality and features a variety of designs to chose from.

June 11, 2012
Floral Indian cushions

Floral Indian cushions

June 8, 2012
Velvet or Silk?

Velvet or Silk?

June 7, 2012
Surya (the Sun in Hindi)

Surya (the Sun in Hindi)

May 30, 2012
Wool from the valleys of Kashmir

Wool from the valleys of Kashmir

May 5, 2012
Khambadia - the magic of patchwork

Our Khambadia range of Indian cushions, wall hangings and table runners make a bold yet refined statement.

The Khambadia range of Indian Cushions, Table Runners and Wall Hangings

These stunning works of art are individually handmade from reclaimed cloth. The base consists of sturdy cotton with a the patchwork laid on it. The patches are stitched together using brightly coloured threads. Each patch is completely unique and this makes each item one of a kind.

Khambadia cushions are available in nine beautiful colours allowing you to mix and match to your hearts content. Each cushion is 17x17” in size with an envelope opening at the back.

Khambadia patchwork Indian cushions

Table runners (which can also be used as wall hangings are available in five colours and consist of over a hundred patches for each wall hanging. They are a generous 60 x 20” in size. Perfect for your dining room or a wall. Each wall hanging has a cotton lining for durability.

Khambadia Indian patchwork table runners

 Our large 60 x 40 ” wall hangings continue the Khambadia tradition on a grand scale, each consisting of around 200 individually embroidered patches. These are available in three colours.

Large Khambadia patchwork wall hangings

Bright colours, bold patches and durable Indian cotton combine to make this style a best seller.

This style is proof that traditional Rajasthani handicrafts do not have to cost the Earth. http://dlvr.it/1WwFC1

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